Going HOME.

This is me (Mikala) on Saturday, August 25th. Today was the actual due date for me to be born…instead, I’m (Finally) going home…

When we got home…we already had visitors!

…but I just wanted to sleep.

Time to go HOME!!

It’s now Friday nite. We’ve been in this room for the past 4 days…Reiko hasn’t seen sunlight since Monday morning. Scott gets out about 1hr a day, to go home to shower and wash up, as long as someone is in the room with Reiko.
We were actually ‘discharged’ by our OB/GYN to go home today, but we had the option to stay one more day. Reiko opted for the extra day, to take advantage of the support, guidance and expertise of the nursing staff here at Huntington. Scott can’t wait to bring Mikala home, the bed he’s been sleeping on for the past 3 nites SUCKS.
Once we get home tomorrow, we’ll finally get a chance to upload all 3 zillion pics that we have…Stay tuned for the picture updates.