I’ll keep you "in the loop" (or you can keep me in the loop)

Not sure if any of you check this blog regularly, but if it’s easier, I can always email YOU when I update this page…Send me an email at babymikala@gmail.com, and I’ll add you to my address book. Whenever I post something new, I’ll “Email ALL”, to let you all know something here is different.

….and for those of you who want pictures from the blog, just “Right Click” and Save.

And for all of you techie nerds out there, I do also have a webcam, so we can “Chat”. We here use Skype (www.skype.com), our username is “thetoshimas”.

Look us up!

Who ME? Spoiled…?!

Dad teases me and says that I’m spoiled…I ONLY have 8 pairs of shoes, 2 slippers, and one set of house slippers (not bad considering I dont even really have any use for my feet yet….). He also says my new carseat (which Im still too small for…) is nicer than the seats in any of his cars…