Oh my-my-my….Our little girl is ONE…and Scott is THIRTY! I looked back at all the blogs that have been posted in the past year and (yes – of course) I started to cry…such wonderful memories! I look forward to many-many-many more to come….

“What? Im 1 year old already?!”

Thank you A.Linda for this pretty dress.

Before Mikala was born, A.Shelly & U.Scott gave us this 12 month photo frame…we thought it was going to be “forever” until we were able to fill it all up…well, “Forever” sure came fast! -A little too fast. As much as I look forward to watching her grow up, I want time to slow down.

Before having Scotts 30th Bday dinner, he had a few drinks…(Zac, Sean, Scott, Doug, Sang, Cory).

Bday dinner was held at the famous Carmines (Thank you for hosting it PorPor). (Doesnt Janice look amazing for a woman with a baby in her tummy?!!! -yeah…I can FINALLY say “JANICE IS HAVING A BABY!”)

First time Mikala has seen candles.

“oooh, that feels weird…”


Thank you for her photos, Tita Janice & Tito Jo

Mika’s first bodysuit! Itll be perfect for Hawaii.

Auntie Bea and Tita Janice

We continued the celebration at Baachan and Jiichan’s house. (Thank you for hosting another GREAT party at your house!)

Tita Janice designed the cars for Scott and Mika!

“…happy birthday, to youuuuuu (two)!”

This is a SUPER SPECIAL PHOTO: Here are ALL of Mikala’s GREAT GRANDPARENTS all together for the first time!
“Great Grandma (Toshima),” “Hiiobachan (Takahashi),” “JiJi (Ige),” “BaBa (Ige),” and “BakBak (Hsieh)”