Happy 1/2 Birthday

For some reason, my parents changed our blogger name from MikalaT to ToshimaClan. I guess they think this blog should be more about all of us instead of just me…humph! But, we all know its going to be all about me anyways….! heehee.

Today (Feb 21) I turned 1/2 a year old! I went to the Dr and got FIVE more shots…ouch! Every time I get shots, I get a 102 fever and I cant sleep well. Mommy has baby Tylenol waiting on the sidelines for me. To celebrate my half year birthday, we went to Carmines in South Pasadena. I hear it used to be the local hang out place for daddy and mommy before I came around and made their world even more fun!

Yesterday I took my first set of professional photographs. It was neat. I had my own personal photographer (Auntie Jenny Ersback) and assistant photographer (Auntie Katie Ersback) (in the comfort of my own room), with a backdrop, props, and several changes of clothing! My mommy got some shots of her own using her own camera (which are posted), but once the real pictures get developed Im sure itll get posted too.

Do you see the pictures of me and my Uncle Benson with matching hair doos?

Do you see the pictures of me on that caterpillar looking thing? Well, Im finally old enough to sit on it, but Im still too young to really enjoy it.

See this last picture of me? This is the first time my hair was put up in a ponytail!

Im 5 months old now!

Over the past month, I have learned to FLIP OVER and GRAB MY FEET!

I celebrated my 1st Christmas and New Years, and soon Ill celebrate my first Chinese New Years too!

Im big enough to play in my new toy. Its one of my favorite ways to pass time.

I went on another vacation. Mommy and Daddy took me to a place called San Francisco. On the way up, we stopped in Monterey Bay for a night. We spent the next day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. In SF, it was cold. We stayed at Auntie Lea and Uncle Calvin’s house. While in SF, I got to play with another baby! On the way home we stopped at another city called Pismo Beach. We saw thousands of Monarch butterflies! The road trip was fun!

I have a new chair! People always laugh when they see me in it…dont know why?! But, Im learning how to wiggle out of it. My parents dont let me watch TV, so I turn my head as far back as I can to see what Im missing.