I dont really have a Story Line for this post….Its just a bunch of fun pictures and things that have happened over the past week or so….

These are just fun pictures of Mikala….

Mika can drink out of bottles AND cups…with help, of course!

Bachan drying Mikala off from a bath.

First pool party!!! She had so much fun splashing in the water!

Jiichan fed his grand daughter for the first time!

Auntie Briana.

This is Auntie Lisa and Uncle Tommy…they have been dating for two years. In those two years, they have called us ONCE to have brunch (which was this past Sunday!). It was Auntie Lisa’s first time meeting Mikala, and Uncle Tommy hasnt seen her since she was a new born.
Scott picked up the tab as a CONGRATULATIONS to them for their exciting new news….Theyre getting married!

Mikala wanted Uncles sunglasses…

…so Auntie put on Mommy’s glasses for her!

We went to Formula Drift on Saturday. It was great to see everyone, but it was way TOO hot for Mikala. The heat was so bad, her skin started to break-out. She has never been in the sun before, and although we did our best to keep the sun off her, it was too much.
This is where we learned that she could drink out of a water bottle! We got desperate and pored some ice-cold water in her mouth (shes never had cold water and never drank from a bottle). She LOVED it! She liked the way it felt and she liked the new experiance of drinking from a water bottle. (BTW, Thank you Auntie Cindy for the water!) After that, we had a happier baby, but we needed to get her home ASAP.

Uncle “Other Scott” and Mr. Dai

Ms. Sally and Uncle Stan, Uncle Antonio, Auntie Alisia, and Uncle JT

Uncle Arnel

Ms. Eri and Ms. Joyce

Can you see Auntie Kims CUTE 7 month belly?! Mikala is going to have another girlfriend to play with! Aww…CANT WAIT! Its going to be so much fun!

Tita Janice’s belly is getting smaller and tighter….which means theres no baby in that tummy! (Darn! haha…)

Uncle Jason and Auntie Mayuko invited us to have dinner at their house. When we got there, they had everything set up SO nicely. It was like we were at a 5 star restaurant.

(Here, Uncle and Daddy are trying to put Mikalas PJ’s on….)
“Ohhh, Boy!” says Mika.

They are expecting a baby girl too! Auntie Mayuko is 4 1/2 month pregnant. Were so excited for them. Gosh, Mikala is so lucky to have so many wonderful friends to grow-up with!

Scotts Trip(s):
Scott’s trip to South Dikota was cold. Every time I talked to him, he was at a bar…Im not sure if he missed home very much! hummm…..(heehee).

This week, hes going to San Francisco for only two days. This will be a light week of travel.

3’s A Charm

One thing Ive learned after having a baby is the true meaning of QUALITY FAMILY TIME.

You see, Scott is at the office/field M-F. He leaves the house no later than 7am and doesnt get home until 6pm, and Mikala goes to sleep at 8pm. Which means, he only gets to see her for about 2 hours tops each day….and thats on a Good week (sigh). On other weeks hes out of town and doesnt get to spend *any* time with her at all (or with ME for that matter!).

So, when I say “QUALITY FAMILY TIME”…I really mean it! We look forward to weekends. Every Saturday we get to spend time together as a family, and very Sunday (not only do we spend time with each other) we get to spend time with our parents, brothers and baby!

Scott had a wonderful idea to take me and Mikala to the Discovery Sight Center…

The three of us got to spend the day playing around in the museum.

There was a “Bubble” festival on the day we were there. Unfortunately, I wasnt allowed to take any pictures of it…bummer. Mikala was actually entertained for a long time watching the different colored lights beam off and through the bubbles.

I really think Mikala enjoyed the time out…I know I DID!

Its been THREE months since Mikala has seen her Uncle Kenta….Welcome Home Uncle Kenta! Kenta came back unannounced. He just bought a ticket and didnt tell anyone until about 20 hrs before he hopped on that plane. The funny thing is, is that just the DAY BEFORE, we sent him a We Miss You Card to Japan. Of course, now that hes here, he wont get the card until he returns back to Japan!
Can you imagine not seeing a fast-growing-baby for 3 months? Thats almost half of Mikala’s life! Shes changed and grown SO much during the time he was gone…..wow.
(Doesnt she look like a little cartoon doll?!)

Auntie Joy-Joy and Uncle Cory finally got to hang out with us too! They’re almost 100% done with their new house. We got to go over and dig our toes into their BRAND NEW thick Ralph Lauren carpet! Thats one clean place (where I wouldnt mind Mikala crawling all over the floors)! No shoes, No dirt, No outside-scum-tracking-onto-the-floors, No mess….nice! =)

We ate dinner with them and Uncle Kenta.

Uncle Charlie and Auntie Eileen came over to spend the day with my mom…FORTUNATELY, we were home and Mikala got to see them too!

Well, as I said earlier, Scott will either be at work or away….next week hes away again. SIGHHHH……but, he bought a web cam! So, he will get to see Mikala….but more importantly, Mikala will get to see him.

Oh, and Mika can kind-of hold her own bottle!