Scott and I just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this past week. We had lunch at the Long Beach Museum of Art (the place of our ceremony). The weather was beautiful. I wish it was like that 2 years ago! If you were there, you would remember how HOT and MUGGY it was the day we were married. -Ah, what wonderful memories! hahha….Only this time back we had a baby in our arms. Much nicer! Hopefully we can go back every year for our anniversary (unless Scott decides to take our family (or me) on an anniversary trip -*hint*hint*wink =D )!
After lunch we went to the Long Beach Aquarium. It wasnt crowded and Mikala actually noticed the fish this time!
For dinner, we had a wonderful night out (just the two of us). We had a few drinks, calamari, and sushi in Old Town Pasadena.
Celebrating our 2nd anniversary was perfect as we reflected back on the past 11 years and 6 months of priceless memories…


Mikala’s 11 month picture.

She can feed herself! (…sort of!)

She can walk…with help! =)

I realize that I havent been writing in our blog. Its become more of a picture gallery. I know most people dont have the time to sit-and-read, but I figure this is our journal and its something that should have actual words rather than captions.

So…whats been going on with the (Ige-)Toshima’s?! (Whenever I say “The Toshima’s” I think of Scotts parents, so I had to throw in the “Ige-“!! haha). Well, Scott is still traveling. In the last few weeks, hes been to Texas, Norcal, and (right now) in Minnesota. We are able to sneak in our own trips over the weekends too. Last month we went to Vegas, for a family reunion, and stayed with our friends Dawn, Josh, and their baby Devin. Last week, we went to Mammoth with Jo, Janice, and Phil. Next week were going back to Vegas for my Grandpa’s 91 birthday! Home-bodies?! Nope…were an out-n-about type o’ family!

Today was a bit scary. Scott left for Minnesota at 5:30am. The earthquake hit at 11:30ish. I WAS HOME ALONE WITH MIKALA. Ive been anticipating an earthquake (as most people have), but I really didnt want it to hit while home alone. This was the first time I said a bad word out loud (in front of Mika)…yikes! I was a bit freaked out, but everything was okay. Once again Im so thankful to all our friends and family. My phone was ringing off the hook. People were calling and texting to make sure that we were okay. The first person to contact me was one of our close friends Kenta. He texted “R U guys ok? Call is not going through.” I replied, “A bit freaked out! Please come over.” He knew that Scott was leaving in the morning and that I couldve been home alone…scared. He was right. In the mean time, my mom came home, I got calls from both in-laws, and Briana and Benson called too and wanted to visit. Jo also stopped by. Hes been working on a project at our house and decided that today was a good day to finish it up. So, within an hour, our house went from empty to a full house. Thank you Kenta (and Mark) for driving over from Santa Monica (were going to miss you when youre back in Japan), and Briana and Benson for coming over. Thank you mom for making it back home in minutes. Thank you Toshima’s for calling asap to check up on me and the baby, and for bringing dinner over! Thank you Carmen for calling -well reschedule our mall date to another time! Thank you Jason and Mayuko for coming over (although the visit wasnt due to the earthquake, it was nice having more bodies around!). And thank you Jo for finishing up the house to be a safer place for our family! Hum, this little shaker reminded me about all the love thats surrounding our/my lives.

Yesterday, my friend Irene came and met Mikala for the first time. It was wonderful seeing her again. Shes been MIA because she returned back to Law School…congrats on working your way to another degree! I hope we can hang out more.

Last Saturday, I had dessert with my friend Cindy. Gosh, it was great catching up and filling each other in on our lives. We spent two hours talking non-stop. The restaurant closed and had to (practically) kick us out. So, we went back to my house and finished up our date night. I love spending time with her because shes so laid back and she knows how to “pick and choose her friends.” Im lucky enough to be one of those friends in her life.

Last weekend we had dinner with our friends Kim and Howard. Thanks for cooking the yummy chicken and rice. The salad was good too! Next time you can come over to our house for dinner and we can hang out longer.

@ Mammoth.

We caught so many fish that we couldnt keep up with the poles! We let 2 go, lost 6, and kept 6.

Phil thought he was going to do a whole puzzle while in Mammoth.

J & J caught some HUGE trout!

My friend Irene…this was her first time to meet Mikala. Thank you Auntie Irene for her CUTE dress. As soon as I wash it, you bet itll be on her!

Here is my friend Jodi. Her sons name is Egan, my youngest God-son.

(Check out her “Happy Feet” video. Posted at end of blog!)

A. Jeri at 4th of July Toshima Picnic

Mika has twin cousins (Ashley & Brooke)!  They enjoyed feeding Mikala.
I think Mika found herself a Boyfriend…introducing Pierce.
Her first kiss…on the CHEEK, that is!

Grandpa and U.Rodney

Her first Build-A-Bear teddy.


New Pool!!!  Mikala can dunk under water!
She loves her doggies!
Her doggies love her!

First Swing

Mikala loves animals…this is Dusty the cat.
U.Ted, A.Betty, U.Sean


Great Grandma Toshima
Boston or LA?
Uncle Kenta

First Father’s Day

A.Diane, A.Staci, A.Carol, PorPor, Great Grandma 
Happy Father’s Day: U.Gary, U.Danny, U.Scott, Jiichan, Daddy, U.Toru

Tomorrow, Mikala will be exactly 10 1/2 months old. Im getting sad because that means her FIRST birthday is just around the corner…which means = she wont be a baby any longer.
I know all babies have different milestones.  Some sooner than others…some, later than others.  All developments average out in the end.  We are very proud of all her early & late milestones!
Mikala’s milestones since her 6 month birthday:

@ 6 months = sleep from 8pm-8am (!!!)

@ 6/7 months = recognise who “Boo” (favorite stuffed animal-girl from Monsters Inc.) is by looking or touching it when she hears Boo’s name said.

@ 7 months = 1st tooth

@ 8 months = up on knees (but not crawling)

@ 8 months = will clap on command

@ 8 months = will wave “bye-bye” and “hi” on command

@ 9 months = communicate through sound (noise making back and forth)

@ 9 months = crawling on knees

@ 9 months = will give “love-love” on command

@ 9 months = will point as communication w/ sounds

@ 9 months = recognise who “sakana” (our fish) is

@ 10 months = will point to Daddy when asked “Where’s Daddy?”

Taken 06-07-08

Mommy dressed me in pink ’cause I’m a real lady.