7 Months

7 months and growing. Mikala was fussy for about 3 days, but she had every reason to be. Her first TWO teeth have come through!
I tried to get a good close up photo of her teeth and she was happy to share them with the camera. On my the first photo shot, she gave me a nice big smile showing off her beautiful teeth!

If you take a look at her shirt, you can see all the wonderful drool we get to deal with….ahhh, nice.

One thing Mika doesnt like to do is eat “real” food. Weve been struggling with the feeding situation since she turned 6 months old. So, one day, I decided to allow her to “explore” with her food. She touch it, squished it, put some in her mouth, some in her hair, some up her nose, some on the floor, and somehow…some on my face! A few days later (right when she turned 7 months) shes been eating great! She has now eaten peas and sweet potato (from the spoon and with a clean face!).

We spent some time with Scott’s cousins. Lisa and Steve made Korean BBQ, Wendy and Derrek made a salad (one of the best salads weve ever had), and we brought carrot cake for dessert.

For Jo’s Birthday, we had lunch at Dominic’s in Arcadia….

Following the lunch we went indoor rock climbing!!!

Yes, thats Jo doing it upside-down! Are you really surprised?! You shouldnt be.

…and, heres Janice upside-down!
Of course I have to end this update with Mikala’s FIRST Easter!

(…see, she does eat from the spoon! …and from my lap! …while feeding her backwards, too!)

We had Sunday brunch with the Ige’s at the Almansor Court.

Uncle Z is now 100% comfortable holding Mikala…I think he figured out that he cant break her!

Auntie JC


After brunch, I had time to take some photos of Mikala on our front lawn.

For Easter dinner, we went to Scott’s Grandma Toshima’s house. Mikala finally got to spend time with more family.

Auntie Sonia. Auntie Katie. Uncle Sean.

Uncle Damian

Auntie Sonia

Mikala with cute little pigtails! Her hair is now so long that it makes “fountains” when up.


Yes….STITCHES! But, NOT Mikala’s…Thank Goodness! My dear-hard-working husband got 4 stitches by breaking his hand through glass (AKA – doing dishes, a real mans job). The stitches were done at home with no numbing meds. Thank Goodness for our friend/neighbor (an ER Dr. to the rescue)! I did my part by holding light above the ouchie and by cutting each stitch, and if you know me, Im extremely squeamish around blood and needles…ugh…ewww!

Whats going on with Reiko? Well, I started to learn how to knit! Im starting off by doing a scarf. Eventually Ill move on to a blanket for Mikala. Its much harder and time consuming than I thought. But, Im happy and excited about my new hobby. Hum, my NEW hobby just took over my OLD hobby….Im comparing KNITTING to DRIFTING CARS?!?! Dang!!!! How life changes from one phone call from the doctor announcing a pregnancy – wow. And I wouldnt take back any minute of the last 6 1/2 months plus the additional 40 weeks of pregnancy. Lifes great.

We took Mikala to DISNEYLAND for the first time! Yes, the place where Scott and I have had annual passes for about 5 years. Yes, the place where he proposed to me! We went after the sun went down, which meant she had a great time checking out all the lights Disneyland had to offer. She was amazed at all the lights on the carousel, she was intrigued by watching Dumbo go in circles/up/down, and she could have stared at the Tea Cups go round and round for days.

Mikala is now using her HIGHCHAIR (thank you Auntie Linda and Uncle Philip)! Shes still unsure of it. But, shes just going to have to get use to it! I like it a lot. It straps her in nice and snug and has a play toy thing to keep her occupied while either waiting for her food to get prepared or while waiting for her parents to finish up dinner.

Scott put Mikala on his shoulders for the first time. I guess shes not afraid of heights because she really enjoyed being up there!

We saw my grandparents (Mikalas “BaBa” and “JiiJii”).